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Client Catch-Up: Alere Toxicology

This week I sat down with Scott Taillie and Dominique Delagnes of Alere Toxicology, a client and global leader in the Toxicology testing space. After catching up and hearing about their exciting plans for the future, I wanted to take a step back and review "the time before" and why they ultimately chose as their healthcare-specific and cloud-based solution. Users background: Scott Taillie is the VP of Business Development and is a special user of as he continues... read more

A Silver Lining to the new Healthcare Mandates

   In an article entitled, "There's Gold in Healthcare Mandates," Michele Masterson explains how the new Healthcare Mandates are causing an interesting change in Healthcarre IT. It is important to note these mandates require healthcare provideres to use EMRs (Electronic Medical Records), as well as future changes that will occur in the upcoming years. These changes seem harmless enough, but the Healthcare industry has been established in their ways for a long time, and now that adaptation and... read more

HIPAA Omnibus: Cloud Considerations for CRM's

Health Organizations, Laboratories, and radiology practices who are looking to grow their sales and better manage their client service teams are quickly adopting client relationship management (CRM) solutions at an exponential rate. While many have yet to consider integrating their LIS system with their CRM system, the most progressive organizations are choosing this path. The advantage of connecting the clinical data flowing through their LIS system with their relationship data in their CRM... read more

30% of Primary Care Physicians Overlook Critical Lab Test Results

A recent study in the Dark Daily revealed that too many electronic alerts cause 30% of primary care physicians to overlook essential clinical laboratory test results. It seems that these physicians are getting so many alerts each day and their electronic health record systems are plagued by the issue of "Alert Overload." The missed results in EHR's were related to information overload, electronic handoffs from one provider to another, and perceptions of poor usability of the EHR. The research... read more

Laboratory Informatics and Data Silos

In a recent article by Gloria Metrick featured in Lab Manager Magazine, she discusses the importance of laboratory informatics. She describes informtics as "the act of doing something useful with your data". She goes on to discuss the two most important tasks we need to accomplish with data: 1) Collecting all the necessary data that you will need. 2) Take the information you gathered and actually reciprocate the data usefully.  She discusses the fact that most times companies don't focus on how ... read more Featured in Cloud Computing Journal was recently featured in the Cloud Computing Journal for its continued efforts in averting the current healthcare crisis. The article, titled "Health Care Cloud Computing saves Obama Care", spotlighted an interview between Xenia Von Wedel from SYS-CON Media and CEO Brad Bostic. These two discussed how is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare while reducing costs. One of the many things highlighted in this article was the fact that won the Top 100 North... read more

Disparate Healthcare Data Results in Sub-par Patient Care

There is no doubt that healthcare professionals universally recognize the critical importance of accurate lab testing. The idea that a patient receives the right test at the appropriate time and an accurate diagnosis promptly following that test is a fundamental part of patient care. Yet according to a recent Institute of Medicine Study, over 50% of patients reported that information necessary to their care wasn't available when it was needed. And another 25% reported that their healthcare... read more

Another World - Achieving Service Excellence

I‘m really amazed when I sit in on prospect calls and hear very successful labs talking about their existing processes for managing their service. There’s been so much innovation in the service industry, but the lab industry has some catching up to do. With the macro trend of the commoditization of the lab market, the time to change is now! If you can’t compete on price, then isn’t it imperative that you deliver service excellence? I hear stories of Client Services groups who log their client... read more

"The Burning Platform of Our Time" - The Rising Cost of Care

"Fighting fire with fire." Above is a term we have all heard at one point or another. But, have you ever thought it could apply to the healthcare industry? Let's breakdown what many provider organizations will face in 2013: Fire #1: The rising cost of care We are now seeing new payment structures that focus on quality and outcomes, rather than quantity. This has caused a frantic rush for many healthcare organizations to understand the true cost of care across the continuum as opposed to just in... read more

Healthcare IT Trends: Coming to a lab near you

In a recent article titled "Three Healthcare IT Trends for 2013" by Connie Bensen of Smart Data Collective, three key trends are introduced and broken down to determine the future adoption of these technologies in the healthcare industry. Why are these trends important? All three will affect your lab's acessibility to business and clinical intelligence that help your lab proactively address client issues and improve the overall quality of your patient-centered care: 1. Increased mobility for... read more

Five Advantages Every Lab Can Gain with Cloud Computing

I recently read an excellent post on CloudTweaks that conveyed five major advantages healthcare organizations stand to gain by transitioning their services to the "cloud".   Five major advantages every lab stands to gain by taking advantage of cloud computing are:   1.    Collaboration. In many cases specific information may be needed in two or more places at once by different individuals within the lab and across various health services providers. Through cloud technologies, the information... read more Featured in Medical Laboratory Observer and its CEO and Founder Brad Bostic are featured in the Feb. 2013 edition of Medical Laboratory Observer. Bostic writes about, "Achieving 100% accountability: How healthcare CRM drives action and resolves issues."  Bostic outlines the three ways that a lab CRM (customer relationship management solution) enables medical laboratories to provide the highest level of service to provider clients by:
  • Gaining Operational Efficiency
  • Viewing the Health of Each Client Relationship
  • Taking Action to...
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What Every Lab Needs to Know About Lab CRM and EHR Adoption

In the not too distant past, physicians offices and hospitals maintained a paper folder - called a "chart" - for each patient who received care.  There were many obvious limitations to this approach and many healthcare providers replaced paper charts with computers that could store patient records.  A combination of paper charts and basic in-office computerized record keeping still exists today.   Paper charts and in-office computers are rapidly being replaced by today's EHR systems which not... read more

The Nexus of Forces for Healthcare

Gartner Research., a division of Gartner Inc., the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, has coined the term “The Nexus of Forces” to describe four forces — mobile, cloud, social, and information. These forces have converged in a powerful way that has led to a new era of computing. They identify three disruptive vendors (Amazon, Apple, and Google) who have taken advantage of the Nexus of Forces to create innovative products. Allow me to introduce as a... read more

Physicians Utilizing Laboratory Tests...There Are Challenges

Warning...Blue sky. In a recent article by The Dark Report titled, "CDC Surveys Doctors Use of Laboratory Tests" physicians identify challenges associated with lab testing ordering and result interpretation. One common thread among most primary care, unless employed by a big health system, is the sheer number of different EMR's they can select. Some are just "waiting it out" for retirement while others are forgoing the fed incentive and will deploy prior to the fed penalties. The issue for labs... read more

Medical Laboratory Service: Why Are We Falling Behind?

"Why are healthcare providers, including clinical laboratories and pathology groups, so slow to recognize and adopt the same service innovations developed by non-healthcare industries?" Dark Daily poses this question in its recent article, "Institute of Medicine Report Finds Healthcare Management Lags Behind Other Industries." The article highlights some of the findings from a recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, which shows that when it comes to quality, outcomes, cost, and equity,... read more

Features of hc1 Academy

In my previous post, I touched on what makes hc1 Academy,'s Healthcare Relationship Management training program, different from your traditional implementation process. New clients receive an exclusive and personable experience that teaches them how to navigate and fully utilive the healthcare CRM and lab business intelligence features of our solution. The hc1 Academy is:
  • Proactive
    • Your project team will be introduced to our training team within the earliest stages of your activation...
read more Launches Advanced Healthcare Business Intelligence for Labs

Ready to access real-time intelligence in ways that your lab never thought possible? hc1 Healthcare Business Intelligence (hc1 BI) enables your lab to gain instant visibility into essential outcomes and trends via customizable, user-friendly charts and graphs that can be accessed at the click of a button. Quickly pinpoint key trends Spend valuable time identifying key trends and creating an action plan rather than managing endless spreadsheets and reports. Make decisions with confidence Help key... read more

How Will the Government's New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes Impact Your Lab?

Along with the government's thrust to shift from quantity-based to quality-based, accountable healthcare in the United States, the current administration is pushing a new system that would solicit patients to report "medical mistakes". Here is an excerpt from the recent NY Times article on this topic: The Obama administration wants consumers to report medical mistakes and unsafe practices by doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and others who provide treatment. Hospitals say they are receptive to the... read more

The Laboratory Industry is rapidly changing...are you keeping pace?

I have made some deliberate observations over the past few months and continue to be amazed by the rapid change that is being "forced" upon the laboratory industry! Below are my "top 10" items that will directly impact how the laboratory industry will function for the future (in no particular order).
  • Meaningful use
  • Reimbursement reduction
  • Healthcare reform (impacting individual consumers, businesses, Medicare, Medicaid)
  • Ease of switching laboratory providers
  • ACO's
  • Acquisitions
  • Stiffer competition
  • Privat...
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