Laboratory Information Management

Tablet PC Usage Increase in Healthcare Field

In a recent article posted on The Dark Daily, Patricia Kirk writes about how tablet PCs are being used more and more by Healthcare professionals in her article "Physician Use of Tablet PCs for Medical Purposes and to Access Clinical Pathology Laboratory Tests Results Predicted to Include 75% of U.S. Doctors by end of 2013." While the Apple ipad is still the most popular, the fact remains that medical professionals are finding it very convenient to utilize tablet PCs. Kirk writes that "the global... read more

Lab Institute Event: Cloud Lounge

Will you be attending G2's 31st Annual Lab Institute this year? An event that brings together clinical and anatomic laboratory organizations and healthcare leaders for a week-long conference themed around the opportunity for innovation and growth. While your answer should have been "Yes" to the first question, you also don't want to miss the private "Cloud Lounge" reception Thursday night, October 17th, hosted by Atlas Medical, Xifin, and The Cloud Lounge reception will be in the... read more

Client Catch-Up: Alere Toxicology

This week I sat down with Scott Taillie and Dominique Delagnes of Alere Toxicology, a client and global leader in the Toxicology testing space. After catching up and hearing about their exciting plans for the future, I wanted to take a step back and review "the time before" and why they ultimately chose as their healthcare-specific and cloud-based solution. Users background: Scott Taillie is the VP of Business Development and is a special user of as he continues... read more

Increasing Popularity of Healthcare IT: Specifically in the Cloud

In a recent article entitled, "Healthcare cloud changing with a vengeance" Tom Sullivan discusses the popularity of Healthcare Cloud IT with John Haughton. John Haughton is the CMO of Covisint. Healthcare has notoriously been behind on when it comes to technology, and advancing into the Cloud computing world is no different. The Healthcare industry is behind others in adopting Cloud solutions, but Sullivan says "that is changing and doing so perhaps even faster than previously thought." John... read more

EHR and Business Intelligence: A Match Made in Heaven

     EHR adoption has been a long and arduous process, but there are simple solutions that could illuminate the light at the end of the tunnel. In a recent article entitled, "Why should business intelligence accompany EHR adoption?" Dr. Kyle Murphy ruminates about the possible relationship between business intelligence and EHRs. According to Dr.Murphy it is true that "over the past several months, the consultancy has received requests from hospitals and physician practices demonstrating the need... read more Wins Indiana Companies to Watch "Spotlight" Award

As a part of the Indiana Economic Development Corp.'s 2013 Companies to Watch program, was one of five businesses presented with the "Spotlight" award. These recipients are all past honorees that have shown significant continued growth and were celebrated with 33 members of this year's Indiana Companies to Watch class. The program was held at the Indiana Roof Ballroom where speakers like Governor Pence and Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann spoke to the crowd about the positive impact... read more

New Dark Daily Article Features and CEO Brad Bostic was recently featured in a Dark Daily article that educates readers on healthcare's accelerating shift away from fee-for-service payment and towards value-based reimbursement: Innovative Clinical Laboratories Use Business Intelligence to Deliver Data Insights that Help Physicians Improve Patient Outcomes and Meet ACO Goals This shift is presenting new challenges for clinical laboratories and pathology groups, all while new payment models are motivating providers to seek strategic... read more

Healthcare's Future Will Include Big Data

In a recent post from Big Data-Startup titled, "Three Innovative Ways How Big Data Will Improve the Healthcare Industry" Mark van Rijmenam observes the vast amounts of data the healthcare industry produces and how industry leaders are now recognizing ways to leverage this data for their health organization, lab, or radiology practice. Big Data in healthcare? You heard right, which I'm sure may raise a few questions: "Wait, what exactly is 'Big Data'?" Well according to SmartData Collective, Big... read more

Business Intelligence Beneficial to Small Businesses...and Healthcare

In a recent article titled "Can Small Business Benefit From Business Intelligence Software" by Christina DesMarais from, she discusses the potential affects Business Intelligence can have on today’s small businesses. She states, "People have been looking at data to bolster business since the beginning of, well, business.” Business Intelligence will allow your company to take a more simplistic look at analyzing data. In today's world, companies have a substantial amount of data to look at... read more

HIPAA Omnibus: Cloud Considerations for CRM's

Health Organizations, Laboratories, and radiology practices who are looking to grow their sales and better manage their client service teams are quickly adopting client relationship management (CRM) solutions at an exponential rate. While many have yet to consider integrating their LIS system with their CRM system, the most progressive organizations are choosing this path. The advantage of connecting the clinical data flowing through their LIS system with their relationship data in their CRM... read more

Healthcare Cloud Computing Challenges....and a Solution

In a recent article titled "Overcoming the 4 biggest cloud computing challenges in health care"  by Sam Narisi, he discusses the potential affects that cloud computing could have on the healthcare industry, along with the challenges that could arise. He states that the main potential hospitals could see is savings, with the possibility to "cut IT spending by 9%". However, even with this potential cost savings benefit, the healthcare industry is still far behind in the adoption of cloud... read more

30% of Primary Care Physicians Overlook Critical Lab Test Results

A recent study in the Dark Daily revealed that too many electronic alerts cause 30% of primary care physicians to overlook essential clinical laboratory test results. It seems that these physicians are getting so many alerts each day and their electronic health record systems are plagued by the issue of "Alert Overload." The missed results in EHR's were related to information overload, electronic handoffs from one provider to another, and perceptions of poor usability of the EHR. The research... read more

Laboratory Informatics and Data Silos

In a recent article by Gloria Metrick featured in Lab Manager Magazine, she discusses the importance of laboratory informatics. She describes informtics as "the act of doing something useful with your data". She goes on to discuss the two most important tasks we need to accomplish with data: 1) Collecting all the necessary data that you will need. 2) Take the information you gathered and actually reciprocate the data usefully.  She discusses the fact that most times companies don't focus on how ... read more

Theoretically Speaking...

What if you met someone in a coffee house, at a conference, or at an industry meeting that told you they could completely change your ability to get the information you need to make crucial business decisions in real time? What if you happen to be running a large organization facing threats from competitors, changing regulations, a struggling economy, and fickle customers? Assuming that the person delivering the message was credible, I’m guessing he or she would have your attention. Now suppose... read more and client Manhattan Labs Featured in Dark Daily Article

Last Wednesday, April 24th, The Dark Daily featured and client Manhattan Labs in the article, "New York City Clinical Laboratory Uses Mobile Devices to Provide Its Sales Teams with Real-Time Business Intelligence from its CRM." To improve its competitive position in the often difficult clinical laboratory testing market of New York City, Manhattan Labs has implemented the cloud-based, lab-specific customer relationship management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solution. The... read more

Managing Relationships Between Labs and Providers

"The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition, the best way to put distance between you and the crowd, is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose." - Bill Gates As I was catching up on some reading last week, I came across a particular article about the founders of LinkedIn which included this quote above. Looking at it simply, their company is about managing relationships. To... read more

"The Burning Platform of Our Time" - The Rising Cost of Care

"Fighting fire with fire." Above is a term we have all heard at one point or another. But, have you ever thought it could apply to the healthcare industry? Let's breakdown what many provider organizations will face in 2013: Fire #1: The rising cost of care We are now seeing new payment structures that focus on quality and outcomes, rather than quantity. This has caused a frantic rush for many healthcare organizations to understand the true cost of care across the continuum as opposed to just in... read more

Five Advantages Every Lab Can Gain with Cloud Computing

I recently read an excellent post on CloudTweaks that conveyed five major advantages healthcare organizations stand to gain by transitioning their services to the "cloud".   Five major advantages every lab stands to gain by taking advantage of cloud computing are:   1.    Collaboration. In many cases specific information may be needed in two or more places at once by different individuals within the lab and across various health services providers. Through cloud technologies, the information... read more Featured in Medical Laboratory Observer and its CEO and Founder Brad Bostic are featured in the Feb. 2013 edition of Medical Laboratory Observer. Bostic writes about, "Achieving 100% accountability: How healthcare CRM drives action and resolves issues."  Bostic outlines the three ways that a lab CRM (customer relationship management solution) enables medical laboratories to provide the highest level of service to provider clients by:
  • Gaining Operational Efficiency
  • Viewing the Health of Each Client Relationship
  • Taking Action to...
read more

3 Reminders for Superior Client Service

I recently read a post by Debra Beaulieu of FiercePracticeManagement titled, "3 Reminders for Superior Customer Service." In this post, Debra points out that one of the keys to creating patient loyalty is to provide superior customer service and always consider the view of the patient. These reminders directly correlate with the relationship between the lab and the provider: When the practice management establishment starts talking about superior customer service, lookout! With the progress... read more