About the 2021 Precision Health Virtual Summit

The Precision Health Virtual Summit 2021 hosted by hc1 and Becker’s Healthcare brought together healthcare leaders and industry experts to focus on making precision health achievable in all aspects of care delivery and accessible to everyone.  

Advances in data-driven care by Precision Health Insight Networks (PHINs) are reducing the overwhelming complexity in our care delivery system. Learn how you can make the best use of the technology and data available to you. PHINs have given us the ability to uncover the actionable signals once locked away in siloed patient datasets. With these real-time insights, we now are able to identify the right testing and prescriptions for optimal outcomes at the lowest cost. 

The 2021 Precision Health Virtual Summit focused on:

The intersection of precision diagnostics and precision prescribing

Ingesting, organizing and normalizing healthcare data across silos to make it meaningful

Prescriber and provider collaboration for executing on precision prescribing

Population stratification and clinical research around precision health

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