hc1 Sendout Management Launch Event Webinar

During a special webinar event, hc1 shared what hc1 Sendout Management™ brings to the hc1 Lab Insights Platform™ in a live demo of the new solution followed by a Q&A session which is now available on-demand.

hc1 Sendout Management consolidates laboratory data to provide real-time insight into reference lab performance and cost to inform operational decisions. Intuitive dashboards include key metrics like volume, total and average spend and turnaround time, enabling lab management to standardize sendout processes, ensure the best prices and drive accountability to performance benchmarks.

During this webinar we focused on:

  • The capabilities of hc1 Sendout Management 
  • The benefits of adding Sendout Management to hc1 Analytics™
  • A live demo of the new solution
  • Answering your questions

Who Should Watch:

Laboratory leaders including managers and directors interested in having more visibility into their sendout testing volume, turnaround time and spending.