Internal roadblocks hold us back from goals like better utilization.

Most labs have access to an overabundance of data. The challenge lies in easily leveraging this intelligence to drive positive change. hc1 delivers the tools and resources to break down this data and instantly assess how to proactively work with providers to improve ordering trends.

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Our lab service team is losing clients and struggling with retention rates.

Lab customer turnover rates can skyrocket without clear internal service processes to keep customers happy and ensure all issues are being resolved in a timely manner. hc1 Operations Management™ helps labs boost customer retention with a real-time view of all account activities and details, so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Our sales team is working with disjointed platforms and lagging internal processes.

Outreach teams in laboratory settings often aren’t on the same page or speaking the same language. Without a holistic view of sales opportunities, outreach activities, and pipeline progression, deals can become stuck. Healthcare-specific CRM is part of our hc1 Operations Management solution that allows sales teams to drive deals to close faster for more revenue.

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My team wastes valuable time collecting and analyzing information.

Processes you’ve followed for years may fail at any moment due to manual error. Requisition forms, instrument tracking reports, intake data and test utilization tactics live in silos. This tangled web of data, systems, and people prevents your lab from doing its best work. With hc1 Analytics™, access critical quality metrics from data integrated into a single system and essentially eliminate delayed and static data.

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Retain Clients and Better Serve Patients Today

<p>With hc1 your lab can thrive.</p>

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