On-Demand Webinar: Four ways to reveal provider ordering behavior that can reduce costs and improve patient care

hc1 Product Manager Tawni Reller, MA, BS (MLS, ASCP), and Director of High Value Care Adam Sajewich share how real-time lab testing insights can help create efficiencies and improve care by uncovering where provider test ordering habits are not aligning with testing best practices.

This webinar highlights:

How to gain real-time insight into ordering practices that do not follow established guidelines, such as duplicate testing and ordering combinations of tests that may not align with a patient's clinical presentation

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Health System and Hospital Laboratory Leaders
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Vice Presidents of Ancillary Services
  • Lab Stewardship Committee Leaders

Overwhelmed by supply and staffing shortages and tasked with improving quality of care, healthcare organizations need every opportunity to create efficiencies and improve care, particularly in the lab. Research has shown that approximately 20% of all lab tests are considered unnecessary, resulting in wasted resources and offering room for improvement in care.